Legal help from a friend with your economic development without needing to give your password, or any personal data, away or risk getting banned by Imperia Online administration authority.

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Balanced Formation  

The formation by default all players without Tactics level use exclusively.
Frontline – 15% of the Frontline army in each Flank, 60% in the Center and 10% in the Reserve.
Third lineArchers– 20% of the archers in each Flank and 60% in the Center.


Army Unit.
Trained in: Siege Workshop
Prerequisites: Army Drills 8, Siege upgrades 10, Centralization 6

• Type: Ranged, Siege Engine, Artillery
• Priority Deployment: Artillery Line

+ Long Range: This unit has 2 extra Attacks in Field Battle or Fortress Assault, before melee begins
+ Dedicated Anti-siege: This unit prioritizes Siege Engine targets; Attack x 0.5 vs. Fortress, Infantry, and Cavalry
+ Scattershot: In Field Battle and Fortress Sacking, if no Siege Engine targets remain, this unit's Attack is proportionally distributed between all enemy lines, Flanks and Centers (Reserve is immune)
+ Operating Crew: Requires 25 Idle Population to train; occupies 25 vacancies in Garrison.

For detailed unit stats, click here.


Economic Building.
Type: Capital
Prerequisites: Loaning 1, Depositing 1
Maximum Level: 30

Affects the amount of gold, which the player can loan and/or deposit.

• 30 upgrade levels;
• Each level increases the amounts of gold that the player can deposit or take as a loan.

Bank deposit  

The option to hold some of your gold in the bank for a specific time in order to receive an interest on it. The interest amount of the deposit is granted after the expiration of the deposit term. If you withdraw the deposited gold earlier, the interest will be lost.

NB: Depositing your gold doesn't mean it is protected against enemy attacks. It still can be looted.

For more information about deposits click here.

Bank interest  

The percentage of additional gold a player receives when he deposits gold in the bank. The interest is increased by leveling up Depositing. The maximum interest for short term deposit is 10% and for long term - 20%.


One of the skills available to the Emperors upon gaining a Governor level. Increases the interest of Bank Deposits. Level 1: +1% interest; Level 2: +2% interest; Level 3: +4% interest; Level 4: +6% interest; Level 5: +10% interest

Banned player  

A user who has temporarily lost ability to attack or trade in his account due to bug exploitation or rules violation. Ban can last for 24h, 168h, 720h or for an entire year. Banned players are accompanied by an icon with a red X and can be attacked.

Barbarian Camp  

Neutral settlements on the Global Map.
Barbarian Camps may belong to one of several Tribes, each with its own properties.
Each Barbarian Camp is assigned a Level within a range of 1 to 15 that represents its overall power; the later in a season the Camp is spawned – the higher its Level. Level affects a number of Camp attributes, including rewards and army strength.
Every Barbarian Camp may be Spied upon, and Attacked, like any other enemy Holding. The Camp, however, doesn't have a Fortress, and an attack against it always results in a Field Battle. When a Barbarian Camp is defeated in battle, it is removed from the Global Map.
Each Realm is populated by a set number of Barbarian Camps, with a random representation of the different Tribes. As players destroy the Camps, once every 24 hours the Realm is re-populated with enough Camps to bring them back to their original number, with the new Camps being spawned near the location of the destroyed ones.
Barbarian Camps tend to settle right next to Special Resources, and they obstruct the founding of Trade Posts or Colonies thereupon, until destroyed.

For more information about Barbarian Camps, click here.


Common word for all buildings where units are recruited and trained.

Activation of Premium membership increases the capacity of the barracks with 20%.

Base Garrison  

Base Garrison is the Garrison size of any given Fortress level, before any Technologies and Skills are applied.

The Garrison determines the Infantry and Demolitions Assault Limits for the attacking enemy troops when the Fortress is under attack.

The Base Garrison values for different Fortress levels are as follows:

Level 1 Fortress: 50 Base Garrison
Level 2 Fortress: 100 Base Garrison
Level 3 Fortress: 200 Base Garrison
Level 4 Fortress: 400 Base Garrison
Level 5 Fortress: 800 Base Garrison
Level 6 Fortress: 1,600 Base Garrison
Level 7 Fortress: 3,200 Base Garrison
Level 8 Fortress: 6,400 Base Garrison
Level 9 Fortress: 12,800 Base Garrison

Battering Ram  

Army Unit.
Trained in: Siege Workshop
Prerequisites: Army Drills 1

• Type: Melee, Siege Engine, Demolitions
• Priority Deployment: Frontline

+ Breach: This unit can only attack Fortresses; outside of Fortress Assault it is stationed at the Artillery Line
+ Infantry Support: During Fortress Assault, this unit is positioned on the Frontline and attacks together with the rest of the Infantry; the number of units allowed to attack simultaneously is equal to the limit of attacking Infantry divided by Operator Crew number
+ Operating Crew: Requires 35 Idle Population to train; occupies 35 vacancies in Garrison.

For detailed unit stats, click here.


Combat, troop engagement of two armed forces, conducted after execution of attack command. The battle types in The Great people are three, according to the battle mechanics and troops involved and the profit for the attacker: Fortress siege, Field battle, Pillage.

Battle Line  

In battle, all troops are assigned to one of several possible Battle Lines, according to their Priority Deployment. Battle Lines are usually determined by a unit's capabilities and they influence its priority as target for opposing enemy units.

During Field Battle, the Frontlines and the Archery Lines are broken down into Divisions: a Center and two Flanks.

In all other cases, a Battle Line in an autonomous body of troops; regardless of their Type, all Combat Units in a Division fight together and are considered a single target for purposes of enemy Attacks.

The different Battle Lines are:
- Frontline
- Assault Line
- Archery Line
- Artillery Line

Battle report  

Contains battle information. Consists of animated battle, where you see your troops moving, fighting, inflicting and suffering damages, and a text based part listing the initial and final armies and morale values of both parties, lost net worth points, won resources, honor, military points and supply train. Battle reports can be shared with other players from the reference link at the bottom of the animated battle.

Battle simulator  

The engine which helps players calculate their battles with precision in order to get always expected military results. Imperia Online Battle simulator includes all features a battle has: army (field and garrison), Morale, Military Technologies, Fortress, Fortress facilities, fortification, formation, generals. Players should bear in mind two things, though:

- Espionage report doesn't give information about enemy's Military Technologies, formation, exact Morale value, fortification and moat, so it is recommendable filling in the respective fields with at least 2 levels higher Technologies than your own;
- When Morale drops below 50 the chance for the army to flee from the battle field and lose increases progressively by 2% per every 1 point below 50, so if you receive a simulation result winning at 49 or less Morale, the victory is not certain and your army definitely needs upgrades (change of composition, formation, numerical increase, research upgrade etc.) before you send it on a victorious mission.

Battle with garrison  

The part of a Fortress siege battle which implies that the walls are already destroyed and attacker's troops engage the garrisoned defender's ones (if there are or have left any), following the rules and mechanics of an ordinary Field battle. Troops start with the Morale value they have finished the walls smashing stage, so morale is never reset for the battle with the garrison. A Fortress siege is considered finished only when the battle with the garrison is concluded.

Beginner protection  

An option that can be activated by every player at less than 5000 net worth points who has been attacked, when an activation button shows up in the battle report as well as from one of the tasks of the Tutorial. Accounts under beginner protection cannot be attacked. If you send an attack, your Beginner protection will be terminated. This means that other players will be able to attack you. Players in beginner protection appear with baby carriage icon in ranking. The option expires automatically when the account reaches 1000 net worth points or when 168 hours from the activation have passed.

Beloved by the Gods  

One of the skills available to the Emperors upon gaining a Governor level. Increases the Temple rewards. Level 1: +1% rewards; Level 2: +2% rewards; Level 3: +4% rewards; Level 4: +6% rewards; Level 5: +10% rewards

Beloved by the People  

One of the skills available to Governors upon leveling up. Decreases the chance for Riot or Rebellion. Level 1: -5% chance; Level 2: -10% chance; Level 3: -20% chance; Level 4: -30% chance; Level 5: -50% chance

Big festival  

A modifier of the happiness with single time or gradual positive effect on the current local Happiness value. It is performed at the Town Square. Every Big festival is at prefixed price of 340 diamonds. A mass festival in all provinces can all be organized and its overall price is lower. The basic effect is +2 Happiness and is enhanced by 2 per each Town Square level. You can organize only one big festival per 24 hours.

Blocked player  

A user under temporary investigation by the game administration or a user who has lost all rights over the respective account for an unlimited period of time due to bug exploitation or rules violation. Blocked player are accompanied by a padlock icon and cannot be attacked by other players.


Shortcut for access to a certain Global map object. An object can be bookmarked by clicking on it with the left mouse button and selecting the last icon on the menu. All bookmarked objects are accessed from the Bookmark menu, located at the left part of the main screen. Players are able to bookmark up to 20 objects. Allies can share bookmarks with each other, so they practically have access to more than 20 bookmarked objects.

Boxed province  

A province which is surrounded from four sides with already annexed provinces and thus doesn't have an outer border. It is marked with a brick wall on the Global map. Boxing causes 20 points Morale drop for the attacker. A province cannot be double-boxed.

Brigadier General  

Military rank conferred to players with 150 000-224 999 military points.

Builder's Guild  

A Technology that decreases the construction time of all buildings by 1.2 times per level (from the basic time). Builder's guild is 4 times more efficient than Architecture in regard to shortening construction's times. 1st level of Builder's guild requires 20th level of Architecture.


Common word for all structures in "The Great People" whose all-round construction is fragmented into levels. Each level increases the building's capacity or enhances its effect. Most of them are local except for the two universities and the two science academies and The wonders' building which affect the whole Empire. The more levels a building has, the more developed it's considered. All buildings of a certain holding are visible from the Village map. Clicking on a building opens an information window about the respective building's development or leads you inside of it. Buildings are constructed in the Town hall.

Buildings queue  

Players can add up to 4 buildings (economy and military are counted as separate queues) in a queue and they will be conducted one after another automatically. All queued buildings, except the first one, are in pending mode - their timers are frozen and the time will start running as soon as they reach the first position in the queue. A pending building can be moved to the top of the queue. The progress of the building moved down is not annulled, but just paused. All buildings in progress can be canceled, which gives 50% of the invested resources back. More than one level of the same building can be ordered in one queue, but only the one last ordered can be canceled. Any building with remaining time less than 24 hours can be instantly finished for diamonds.

NB! Building queue and canceling a building are both not available while the Empire is under attack*. Moving buildings in the queue is an option available for accounts with account level 7 or higher.

*There is the following exception: This option is unlocked under attack when there is a drastic difference between the golden equivalent of the attacker's army and the gold equivalent of the net worth points of the defender.


A research which gives the sovereign the know-how of increasing the efficiency of the annexed provinces. Each level grants +5%. The efficiency cannot exceed 100%. Without the Bureaucracy effect, every following annexed province is 10% less efficient compared to the previous one, the 11th annexed province has efficiency 0%, and every single province annexed after it is 10% less efficient, representing the respective negative value.


One of the skills available to Governors upon leveling up. Increases the Province Efficiency (up to 100%). Level 1: +4% Efficiency; Level 2: +6% Efficiency; Level 3: +10% Efficiency; Level 4: +14% Efficiency; Level 5: +20% Efficiency