Daily Happiness modifier  

A factor with positive or negative effect on the Happiness applied on a daily basis and distributed throughout the whole 24 hour period between two migrations.

To read the whole list of daily happiness modifiers click here.

Daily Quests  

The feature provides a variety of tasks with various difficulty, appropriate for the individual development of each account. Players must complete them throughout the day the tasks were made for. For each successfully completed task a certain number of points is gained. According to the accumulated points, various prizes are given, such as resources and a right to spin the Wheel of fortune. Every day at midnight (server time) new tasks are generated and progress of the previously unfinished tasks is lost. All prizes which were not taken up to this moment get lost. Every Monday all player's points are calculated, and according to their value an additional reward in the form of a chest with resources is given. The feature is available in the Tavern and accessible to all the players wıth level 6 or above of their global accounts.


Drop in unitshit points due to enemy unit’s attack applied on them.


Losing a battle.


One of the skills available to Generals upon leveling up. Increases the [Morale of the army when defending. Level 1: +2 Morale; Level 2: +4 Morale; Level 3: +6 Morale; Level 4: +8 Morale; Level 5: +12 Morale

Defender Of Civilians  

One of the skills available to Generals upon leveling up. Increases the number of preserved civilians allowed by the Fortress level. Level 1: +10% civilians; Level 2: +20% civilians; Level 3: +30% civilians; Level 4: +40% civilians; Level 5: +60% civilians

Defender Of Resources  

One of the skills available to Generals upon leveling up. Increases the amount of preserved resources allowed by the Fortress level. Level 1: +10% resources; Level 2: +20% resources; Level 3: +30% resources; Level 4: +40% resources; Level 5: +80% resources

Defensive defeat  

Losing a battle in defense.

Defensive Tactician  

One of the skills available to Generals upon leveling up. Increases the Attack of all units in the defending army. Level 1: +1% Attack, Level 2: +2% Attack, Level 3: +4% Attack, Level 4: +6% Attack, Level 5: +10% Attack

Defensive victory  

Winning a battle in defense.

Demolitions (Army Unit Type)  

Demolitions units are Siege Engines that during a Fortress Siege attack the enemy Fortress in Melee combat. They join the attacking Infantry on the Assault Line; however, they have a separate Assault Limit from the Infantry.
The Demolitions Assault Limit is equal to 3 times the Base Garrison of the attacked Fortress, divided by the Operating Crew of the attacking Siege Engines.
During Field Battle or Fortress Sacking, the Demolitions units are positioned at the Artillery Line, and cannot attack other enemy units. They are likely to be destroyed if the enemy Infantry reaches them.
The currently existing Demolitions units are:

- Battering Ram

Demolitions Assault Limit  

The Demolitions Assault Limit determines the maximum number of Siege Engines in the Assault Line that can attack a particular Fortress simultaneously during a Fortress Assault.

Every Demolitions-type Siege Engine occupies a number of Demolitions Assault Limit slots equal to its Operating Crew.

The Demolitions Assault Limit is equal to 3 times the Base Garrison of the attacked Fortress, as follows:

Level 1 Fortress: 150 Demolitions Assault Limit
Level 2 Fortress: 300 Demolitions Assault Limit
Level 3 Fortress: 600 Demolitions Assault Limit
Level 4 Fortress: 1,200 Demolitions Assault Limit
Level 5 Fortress: 2,400 Demolitions Assault Limit
Level 6 Fortress: 4,800 Demolitions Assault Limit
Level 7 Fortress: 9,600 Demolitions Assault Limit
Level 8 Fortress: 19,200 Demolitions Assault Limit
Level 9 Fortress: 38,400 Demolitions Assault Limit


Emplacement of troops on a certain battle zone or defensive position such as battle field, garrison, towers.


Increases interest rate on deposits by 0,5% per level for short term deposit and 1% per level for long term deposit. Increases the protected amount of deposited gold in case of attack by 2% per level, starting from 7% at level 1.


Special resource in "The Great People" bought with real money or granted for free. Diamonds are used in game for various extras and facilities. They can be purchased, earned and expiring.

For more information about diamonds click here.

Diamonds transfer  

Transferring purchased diamonds from one realm to another, part of your global account, where you log into with the same username and password. The option is available in Diamonds/items transfer tab of Premium menu. Earned and expiring diamonds cannot be transferred within your global account.

Diplomacy Officer  

The alliance position taking care of alliance standings and diplomatic relationships with other alliances, either allies or adversaries. Special bonus - +1 daily Honor point but only in the second and third loyalty status stage.

For more information about diplomacy officer’s rights and benefits click here.


Disband soldiers. Reimburses 50% of the resources investment.
You may disband army, whose net worth does not exceed 25% of the net worth of the available army only within 8 hours after the last disbandment. In case you have disbanded less than this percentage, the net worth of each additional army you acquire in that period, will be added to your current army' s net worth and will be taken into account until reaching the disbandment limit.


A special trait acquired by the Emperor upon breaking dynasty peace, imposing a penalty of -5 morale in every battle. The emperor can be pronounced for Disgraceful more than once and if so the effect will accumulate. When a new emperor rises to the throne the trait is not succeeded.

Disruption of dynasty peace  

Spying or attacking players you have signed dynasty peace with leads to its disruption and acquisition of the trait Disgraceful for the Emperor. The user who breaks the dynasty peace is also punished with -10 honor points.

For more information about disruption of dynasty peace click here.


A Division is an autonomous body of troops during a battle, part of a Battle Line. Regardless of their Type, all Combat Units in a Division fight together and are considered a single target for purposes of enemy Attacks.

Divisions are used only in Field Battle, and only for the Archery or Frontline Battle Lines. A Battle Line's Divisions are always one Center and two Flanks.

In the Archery Line the different types of Archers are proportionally deployed across the three Divisions. Destroying a player's Archery Line Division with your Melee troops grants the opportunity for a Flanking Attack against his remaining Frontline Divisions.

In the Frontline, all Melee units are assigned to a Division according their Priority Deployment. After any preliminary attacks by Ranged units, Frontline Division enter Melee combat with the corresponding enemy Frontline Division: Flank against Flank, Center against Center. Destroying a player's Frontline Division grants your Melee troops the opportunity to advance and attack his Archery Division behind.

If all troops in a Frontline Division are killed, they're immediately replaced by the Reserve. For all intents and purposes the Reserve becomes that Frontline Division until the end of the Field Battle, or until destroyed.

Dominion Rush  

This is an alliance-oriented tournament in which the main goal is conquering castles that should be controlled as long as possible by the same alliance. There are 36 castles on the map that can be conquered trough the module Allegiance. Successful fortress sieges against an alliance castle do not drop levels from its fortress, but take away points from the indicator "allegiance". Each castle has a maximum allowed allegiance according to the level of its fortress. The only way to increase allegiance is through time. When an alliance conducts a successful fortress siege against a castle a certain amount of allegiance will be taken from the castle. The exact amount of allegiance taken depends on the alliance technology "Conqueror". The higher its level the more allegiance points can be taken in a single hit. A castle is considered taken when an alliance manages to reduce its allegiance to 0. The independent castles don't have allegiance, an independent castle is conquered when less than 1000 military units are left in it. Castles controlled by alliances are subjected to ascending by level nomad attacks that are sent out over time. Each defended attack grants Defensive points. The castles can be simultaneously attacked by other alliances as well. Ranking is based on the total score of Defensive points. Winners in the tournament will get diamonds and special medals as a reward.

For more information and to read the full version of the rules of Dominion Rush, please click here.


Every field battle, fortress siege and pillage includes a chance for the general of the losing side to be captured by their opponent. The exact chance depends on multiple factors, including the scale of the encounter, both generals' experience and the closeness of the losses. The higher the experience, the bigger the chance for a general to be captured.

Once a general is captured, they are held captive for a set amount of time depending on their rarity. A captured general becomes inactive and cannot be used by the player - their slot in the family tree is locked and they are released from any occupied governor/general slots. If an emperor is captured, their governor bonuses are nullified but their slot remains filled. Captured enemy generals can be seen in a new "Dungeon" tab, inside the Palace.

Freeing your captured general can be done by paying a bounty in diamonds - this amount also depends on the person's rarity. 30% of the paid sum is transferred to the capturer, and the general is immediately returned to their original ruler. A general who hasn't been redeemed before the time limit dies automatically. Aging rate is not affected during captivity.

Daily happiness modifiers are also applied, depending on the outcome of a battle: -5 happiness for each lost general, and +5 happiness for each captured enemy general. This modifier is applied to all holdings.

Dynasty marriage  

A marriage between two Great people of different empires. Players may send their Great people (members of the Imperial family or "Other relatives" category) to other players as a Marriage Candidate in order to sign a dynasty peace treaty. The dynasty peace continues until all descendants of the couple die or until it is broken by one of the players.

For more information about dynasty marriages click here