Measurement unit for the influence range. 1 radius = 1 Imperial mile

NB! In Imperia Online terms, radius doesn't imply the concept of the geometry term of the same name. Radius is a unit of length, which measures the distance between the center and whichever terminal point of the influence range circle of one alliance castle.


A Barbarian Tribe.
The Raiders are nomad people that make a living by looting civilized settlements for food and riches. They indiscriminately burn and slaughter everything in their wake.
The Raiders have a balanced army composition, with all Unit Types being represented in comparable quantities.
The reward for defeating a Raiders Camp is resources.

Rally point  

Located on the Global map, this place gathers alliance armies and serves as a departure point in case of military missions for castle conquest or enemy alliance castle/rally point assault.

For more information about Rally points click here.


A defensive facility exclusive for military posts. Each level increases by 2% the hit points of the field army deployed in the holding.

Range attack  

A research which upgrades all ranged units' (except siege engines) attack parameter. +5% per level, as the maximum level taken into account is 50 (total sum of individual and alliance levels).

Ranged (Army Unit Type)  

Army Units with the Ranged type can Attack the enemy from a distance. In addition to being able to fire throughout the battle without fear of retaliation, Ranged units may also fire additional volleys before Melee Combat begins.
In battle, the Ranged units are deployed in either the Archery Line, or the Artillery Line, depending on their Priority Deployment.
When engaged in Melee by the enemy, Ranged units usually suffer penalties.

The currently existing Ranged units are:

- Light Archer
- Heavy Archer
- Elite Archer
- Heroic Archer
- Catapult
- Ballista
- Trebuchet

Rank (Military rank)  

Military title conferred to players with certain amount of military points. Rank is visible in players’ profiles and in the ranking.

For more information about Military ranks click here.


Being an extremely competitive game, Imperia Online offers several modules, which rank the players, taking into account multiple criteria, representing the current power of each Ruler. The following rankings are represented here: Combined ranking of players, Net points and Alliance rankings.

Combined ranking of players

Those are the standings of all players in one Realm, according to specific criteria, divided in six categories:

Economy, Military, Technologies, Buildings, Imperial reach and Great People. The Rankings are updated every 2 hours and display: Username, Player Account Level, Medals (if any), Alliance and category-specific information. There is also a gear icon, which offers different actions, such as sending a private message and checking the player and his alliance on the Global map.

The Realm Ranking cannot be used for military interactions, such as attack and espionage – theses are executed via the Global map and the Operation Center.

How to get points in the Realm Ranking?

Economy - prosperity points are gained by increasing your empire's income and population, population growth and Happiness.
Military - battle rating is gained by winning attacks versus players, NPCs cities and barbarian camps. You lose battle rating by losing attacks versus them. It is an Elo rating system where the stronger the opponents you defeat are the more points you get. On the contrary if a weaker opponent defeats you, the weaker he is the more points you will lose. All players start with a battle rating of 1000.
Technologies - technology points are gained by finishing civil or military technologies.
Buildings - build points are gained by finishing civil or military buildings.
Imperial reach - you are ranked based on your imperial reach and the number of provinces, colonies, vassals, trading posts and military posts you own.
Great people - you are ranked based on the age of your oldest great person.

In each category players compete in 6 leagues. There are fixed numbers of slots in each League, except for the Wooden league, so only the best of the best rulers can be present in them. The leagues are:

Wooden - no limitation of players
Iron - 500 players
Bronze - 300 players
Silver - 200 players
Golden - 100 players
Platinum - 50 players

League standings are updated every 2 hours.

How to advance to an upper league?

To advance into an upper League the player must meet a specific criteria, usually to gain enough of a given type of points. The type and amount of points required for each one is displayed in the league's icon tooltip.

Hall of Fame

The most valued Ranking System in Imperia Online. It is individual and ranks the best 100 players in Imperia Online globally for the last 365 days, counting from the present date. It also contains an archive of the Rankings of all finished seasons of all Realms in the history of Imperia Online. The Top 100 players in the Hall of Fame are ranked according to the points won by them for winning seasons and participating in elite Imperia Online Tournaments. The Hall of Fame can be accessed via the game's main web-page.


A world, a place where one season takes place. Only players from the same realm can interact with each other.

Realm restart  

A realm gets restarted when its season ends. A season ends on a date fixed by Imperia Online administration.

What happens when a realm is restarted?

- Accounts are transferred to the new season but with different location on the Global map.
- Empires' development starts from 0.
- Diamonds and premium memberships are also transferred.
- Alliances automatically start the new season with the same member composition they have finished the last season with without having to be created all over again or manually invite all members. A transferred alliance implies: same name, same members at same positions (except the alliance commanders) but with nullified loyalty statuses, no holdings, no army, empty treasury, nullified Technologies and cleared diplomacy standings; inactive allies (those who haven't log into their accounts yet) can be expelled by the leader when he is at minimum 1000 net worth points.


Annexed province and colony condition caused by population dissatisfaction due to low local Happiness value. When the Happiness drops below 20, there is a chance, increasing progressively by 2% with every Happiness point (e.g. at 19 points with 2%, at 18 point with 4% and so on), for a rebellion, which could lead to a production suspension, no recruitment and no constructions until Happiness is increased again.


The percentage of lost units a player restores after the battle. The recovery percentage can be increased by researching Military Medicine.

For more information about recovery click here.


Ordering the unit training in the respective barracks. Recruitment requires recruitment price in wood and iron, which increases in accordance with the classes – light, heavy, elite, and idle population – one villager per soldier, but 1 siege engine requires more than one villager for construction.

Reduce with 10 mins  

Reduce with 10 mins button gives you the opportunity to reduce the duration of building/research of the current building/research in progress by 10 minutes every hour.


Classified concise information.

Type of reports in Imperia Online: Battle report, Espionage report.

Reporting of a message  

Reporting an abusive/insulting message received from another player. It implies that the administration will check and consider the content and, if needed, will silence the sender. The only way to report a message is to click on "Report" in the upper right corner inside the respective message.

Research queue  

Players can add up to 4 Technologies (4 economy and 4 military) in a queueand they will be conducted one after another automatically. All queued Technologies, except the first one, are in pending mode - their timers are frozen and the time will start start running as soon as they reach the first position in the queue. A pending Technology can be moved to the top of the queue. The progress of the Technologies moved down is not annulled, but just paused. All Technologies in progress can be canceled, which gives 50% of the invested resources back. More than one level of the same Technology can be ordered in one queue, but only the last ordered one can be canceled. Each Technology with remaining Research Time less than 6 can be instantly finished for diamonds.

NB! Technologies queue and canceling a Technology are both not available while the Empire is under attack*. Moving Technologies in the queue is an option available for accounts with account level 7 or higher.

*There is the following exception: This option is unlocked under attack when there is a drastic difference between the golden equivalent of the attacker's army and the gold equivalent of the net worth points of the defender.


Serves for filling in for the front zones in case of lost units in the Flank or the Center . If two zones are broken at the same time by the enemy’s army, then at random one of them is chosen and filled in with reserve units.


The goods workers produce in the mines of an empire as well as collected taxes from the population. All of them can be invested in constructions, Technologies and army.

Resource camp  

Resource camps are objects on the map allowing users to gather wood, iron and stone. Each camp contains only one type of resource. To gather resources, you need to send your army on a gathering mission. The army sent to the camp can be returned at any time. During the mission in the camp, your army may be attacked by other players. There are two types of missions - gather and attack. Once the resources in a camp get depleted, it disappears from the map and a new camp appears in its place, but at different map coordinates.

Resource merchant  

One of the skills available to Governors upon leveling up. Increases the Marketplace Capacity. Level 1: +10% Marketplace Capacity; Level 2: +20% Marketplace Capacity; Level 3: +30% Marketplace Capacity; Level 4: +40% Marketplace Capacity; Level 5: +60% Marketplace Capacity


Order that can be issued to troops in Military Post. Troops under Retreat orders will not engage the enemy in case of an attack on the Military Post.


Annexed province and colony condition caused by population dissatisfaction due to low local Happiness value. When the Happiness drops below 50, there is a chance, increasing progressively by 2% with every Happiness point (e.g. at 49 points with 2%, at 48 point with 4% and so on), for a riot, leading to tax exacting block until Happiness is increased again.


One of the skills available to Generals upon leveling up. Increases the Carrying Capacity of the army. Level 1: +4% Carrying Capacity; Level 2: +6% Carrying Capacity; Level 3: +10% Carrying Capacity; Level 4: +14% Carrying Capacity; Level 5: +20% Carrying Capacity


1. Military rank conferred to player with 0-149 military points

2. Common name for all ordinary members in first loyalty stage.


Battles’s part, level, fragment. All battles are subdivided into rounds in which units inflict and suffer damages in accordance with their own attack and hit points and those of the adversary. The many rounds a battle has, the more unit losses and Morale drop there are.