Paid experience upgrade  

A faster way to increase the level of experience of your generals and governors. In order to perform training you need to build the necessary levels of Gubernatorial headquarters and Headquarters as the allowed level of training is related directly to these buildings’ level. The training is paid in the four resources.

For more information about paid experience upgrade click here.


The place where all Great people live. With its upgrade you can accept more Nobles to the Imperial court. The palace has two wings - Headquarters and Gubernatorial headquarters necessary for performing paid training of the governors and generals for new experience levels.

For more information about the Palace click here.


Army Unit.
Trained in: Cavalry Barracks
Prerequisites: Melee Attack 22, War Horses 16, Armor 22, Army Drills 15, Centralization 11

• Type: Melee, Cavalry
• Priority Deployment: Flank (Frontline)

+ Impetuous: This unit is boosted when attacking – Attack x 1.2
+ Charge: This unit is boosted in the first round of combat – Attack x 2
+ Close Combat: Attack x 4 vs. Archers
+ Equestrian Combat: Attack x 2 vs. Swordsmen
+ Maneuverable: This unit is boosted when fighting in a Flank – Attack x 1.1, Hit Points x 1.1

- Vulnerable to Spearmen: Against this unit the Attack of Pikemen and Men-at-Arms is increased
- Short Reach: Attack x 0.17 vs. Spearmen
- Rider: This unit cannot attack during Fortress Assault
- Close Quarters Disadvantage: This unit suffers penalties during Fortress Sacking – Attack x 0.5, Hit Points x 0.5

For detailed unit stats, click here.

Parallel Universe  

The Parallel Universe is a special realm where you can play and upgrade levels specifically for that realm, which levels grant you bonuses in all realms that you play in as a part of the same global account. You can register through the icon marked with a globe in the upper right corner of the avatar icon. Detailed information about bonus types and conditions for obtaining them can be found in this menu.

There is a local system for levelling up, available in this realm only. Bonuses from reached levels are applied on remaining v5 and v6 realms (except tournament realms). Levels and bonuses from the reached levels are decreasing in case of inactivity. The accumulated experience points in the Parallel Universe drop every day by 2% if you were active during the previous day or by 20% if you weren't. The decrease in experience points leads to a decrease of the level and reduction of the bonuses you are receiving in all realms.
You will receive additional percentages to all bonuses you have unlocked according to your position in the net point ranking of the Parallel universe. They are as follows:
1st place = 10%
2nd to 10th = 8%
11th to 20th = 6.5%
21st to 50th = 5%
51st to 100th = 4.5%
101st to 200th = 4%
201st to 500th = 3%
501st to 1000th = 2%
1001st to 1500th = 1.5%
The level and its respective bonuses are updated once a day at 00:01 server time.
The accumulated parallel experience points are reduced by 40% with the restart of the season. Accordingly the parallel level will also be reduced to a value corresponding to the new experience points. For accounts with parallel level less than 20 there will be no experience reduction with the restart of the season. For accounts which would drop below level 20, the reduction will leave them at level 20. All newly registered participants in the realm and accounts that finished the season at below level 20 will start their progress from level 20.
A series of events take place during the first 4 weeks of the realm and they affect military and economical aspects of the gameplay. Each event has a duration of 1 week:

- No honor penalty for pillaging and pillage limit is increased to 10 per day but the population growth will be increased by 20%;

- All fortress siege battles will start with a 10 points morale bonus for the attacker, but the effect of the curtain wall will be increased by 20%. This event will affect both personal and alliance battles.;

- All units will see a 20% increase of carrying capacity but fortresses will protect 50% more resources;

- Travel time is reduced by 10% but upkeep during a mission is increased by 10%. This event will affect both personal and alliance battles.

There are 36 castles on the map and the occupation of an alliance castle is happening through the module Allegiance. The diamond rewards for top alliances by influence are increased as follows: 100K diamonds for each player in the alliance winning the first place, 50K for the second place and 34K for the third place. Additionally, a special medal is awarded for number of conquered castles, independent of the ranking. Additional points are given from acquired medals for the Hall of Fame.


The key to an Empire. The password is exclusively personal and must not be shared with anybody else no matter how trusted and close to the owner he is. The more complex a password is (at least 10 symbols, a combination of small and big letters, numbers and special symbols), the safer your account will be.

Peace Treaty  

Type of alliance agreement in Imperia Online. Implies lack of attacks and wars between both alliances and tax free war declaration for one of the allies if the other one has been involved in a war as a defender.

For more information about peace treaty click here.

Peaceful annexation  

Conquering a territory without using force. In Imperia Online you can annex peacefully free terrains, independent cities and vassals. Free terrains within your exclusive zone can be annexed only peacefully and you can send up to 25 000 villagers for settling on the new territory and pay the necessary resources for the primary buildings.
When annexing vassals and independent cities peacefully, you only have to pay resources, equal to the price of all buildings in the holding multiplied by x1,5.

For more information about annexation click here.

Peaceful times  

Non-war or non-attack period.


Army Unit.
Trained in: Infantry Barracks
Prerequisites: Melee Attack 1, Army Drills 15, Centralization 11, Armor 18

• Type: Melee, Infantry, Spearman
• Priority Deployment: Center (Frontline)

+ Polearm: Attack x 2 vs. Cavalry
+ Spear Wall: This unit is immune to Cavalry's Charge bonus to Attack
+ Charge: This unit is boosted in the first round of combat – Attack x 1.2
+ Strength In Numbers: For every 1000 Phalanx they receive +0,5% to Attack and Hit points (max. 100%)

- Vulnerable to Archers: Against this unit the Attack of all Archers is increased
- Hand-to-Hand Disadvantage: Attack x 0.5 vs. Swordsmen
- Heavy Troop: This unit suffers penalties when fighting in a Flank – Attack x 0.8, Hit Points x 0.8
- Offensive Spirit: If garrisoned, this unit suffers penalties during Fortress Sacking – Attack x 0.5

For detailed unit stats, click here.


Troops engage the opponent's civil population. If there is a defending field army, it must be destroyed first so that the pillage could be performed, i.e. Field battle is conducted before the pillage. Gold is earned for every killed villager. It’s punished with Honor drop.

For more information about Pillage click here, here and here.

Pillage strength  

Unit’s parameter that determines the number of villagers killed by just one unit of the same type.


One of the skills available to Generals upon leveling up. Increases the Pillage Strength of the army. Level 1: +4% Pillage Strength: Level 2: +6% Pillage Strength; Level 3: +10% Pillage Strength; Level 4: +14% Pillage Strength; Level 5: +20% Pillage Strength


Measurement for the development of a player in some aspect of the game. There are two types of points in Imperia Online: net worth points, measuring the economic advancement, and military points, determining the military achievement extent.


Sampling the public opinion of Imperia Online multi-national and multi-cultural community regarding game play, terms and conditions and other, not related to the game, topics. Each player has always the right to abstain from answering. Polls icon is located in the General settings menu.


The work and armed force in Imperia Online.

For more information about population click here.

Population attainment limit  

Population Limit is shown in the Farms screen and displays the maximum Population number for which the Population Growth per hour is not negative.

Population growth  

Increase of the population number. It is affected by Medicine level and the unlocking of Premium.

Base population growth: 1 х current population number/1000+50 multiplied by the speed of the realm.

Farms do not technically enhance the growth; they lower the value of population losses per hour and practically increase the growth in the later stages of province development when population number is way over farm capacities and losses are a really great.

For more information about growth click here.

Population growth in farms  

The overall sum of population losses and population growth. If the net population growth is a positive value, population continues growing, if it’s negative, population number starts dropping progressively with every following hour until farm levels reduce the difference between farm capacity and population number.

Population limit  

The maximum number of population a province can have, depending on the limit set by Houses’ levels.

For more information about population limit click here.

Population losses  

Hourly losses of population due to insufficient farm capacity.

Positive gold balance  

When income value is higher than expenses and gold continues to be generated and increased.

Premium membership  

You have the opportunity to raise Premium levels and receive bigger and more diverse bonuses. You can accumulate Premium points by spending Diamonds in your Global Account in all version 6 Realms except the tournament ones. You can activate your Premium with a one-time purchase for a duration of 30 days.

The whole package of bonuses at level 10 of Premium includes:

- population growth bonus
- production bonus
- army attack bonus
- Daily Happiness points in all provinces
- army hit points bonus
- Caravan Station capacity bonus
- shorter unit training time and bigger barrack capacities
- bigger rewards for completed Quests
- additional construction slot
- items
- smart options

For more information about premium see the in-game Premium menu.

Priority Deployment  

In battle, each Army Unit has its Priority Deployment, that determines its position on the battlefield. The possible deployments include the Frontline, the Archery Line, and the Artillery Line. The Frontline priority can further broken down by Division: Flank or Center.
When combat begins, your chosen Formation will accommodate as much as possible the priorities of each unit. While the Battle Lines have no limits for their respective composing units, the Flanks and Centers do, which means that a unit will be positioned at its Priority Deployment only if there is available space there. If the priority Flanks or Center have already been occupied by other units, the remaining units which Priority Deployment can't be accommodated will be relegated to the other available Division of the Frontline.

Example: You enter battle with an army of 60% Spearmen and 40% Swordsmen, in a Balanced Formation. The Spearmen have Flanks as their Priority Deployment; the Balanced Formation, however, puts only 30% of your troops in the Flanks (15% in each Flank). Therefore, both of your Flank will be entirely constituted of Spearmen, but the remaining 30% Spearmen will be relegated to the Center, where they fight with penalties.

You should always attempt to fight in Formation which accommodates the Priority Deployment of all of your troops!
All Melee units have their Priority Deployment on the Frontline.
All Swordsmen units have their Priority Deployment on the Frontline Center.
All Cavalry units have their Priority Deployment on the Frontline Flanks.
Light and Heavy Spearmen have their Priority Deployment on the Flanks; Phalanx have their Priority Deployment on the Frontline Center.
All Archer units have their Priority Deployment on the Archery Line.
All Siege Engines, except the Battering Ram, have their Priority Deployment on the Artillery Line.


Military rank conferred to player with 150-249 military points.

Private message  

A message sent to a single player. Private messages arrive in green envelopes and are saved in Private tab of Messages menu. The correspondence between sender and receiver is chronologically displayed upon clicking on receiver’s name in Private tab - the oldest message is located at the bottom of the window and the newest one – at the top. Messages older than 2 weeks are automatically deleted.


1. Generation of wood, iron and stone as a result of hiring villagers in the mines. The more population a province has, the higher production values it will benefit from. Basic production for 100 civilians: 100 wood / 100 iron / 100 stone, which can be enhanced by Premium, terrain bonuses, fortress levels, Bureaucracy and alliance research Production.

2. An alliance research whose levels add 2% more to the production of all alliance members.


The player's Profile contains information about in-game military deeds, medals, account level, ranking position is also included. The profile is accessible through the menu Player information.


The main administrative unit in "The Great People". It is a common word for all territories in the zone around the capital which the player has conquered.

Province tax  

Tax in gold exacted from annexed provinces' and capital's hired population.

Province terrain  

The terrain on which an annexed provinces is located - divided into six types according to the geographic relief. Each type grants different modifiers applied to resource production, attack, defense, unitsattack parameter etc.

To learn more about the province terrains’ characteristics click here.

Purchased diamonds  

The diamonds you have bought using one of the payment methods listed in Buy Diamonds tab of the Premium menu. Purchased diamonds can be used for all paid in-game extras and functionalities, including their donation to the alliance treasury, diamond gifts to another player during a Gifts session and diamond transfer between different realms within your global account.