Family Tree  

A chart representing the family relationships among the four generations of the Imperial family.


Imperia Online’s official Frequently Asked Questions. The list contains detailed and explicit answers to all questions a player might ask at some point, organized in several major categories.

Farm capacity  

The number of villagers a province can support without hourly population losses. Farms are required for the well-being of the population. Each farms level has a certain capacity. The lower the farm capacity is compared to the population number, the bigger the losses will be, because farms won't be enough to support the whole population.


One of the skills available to Governors upon leveling up. Increases the Farms capacity. Level 1: +2% capacity; Level 2: +4% capacity; Level 3: +6% capacity; Level 4: +8% capacity; Level 5: +12% capacity


The building which supports the province population, providing goods for normal living conditions. Farm levels’ insufficiency generates population losses every hour. Each level decreases the population losses if the number of population in the province is more than 10 000 villagers bigger than the current farm capacity. The bigger the difference between population number and farm capacity is, the higher population losses there would be.

NB! There are some relatively rarer cases in which building the next level of Farms doesn’t actually decrease the hourly population losses. Losses are divided into several stages, determined by the difference between farm capacity and current population number. To pass over the next stage of minor losses sometimes requires more than one level of Farms.

Example: If the difference between your population number and farm capacity is 18 000, then your losses are located in the second stage (from 10 000 to 20 000 between your population number and farm capacity) where you lose 10 villagers per hour. Thus, building just one level of Farms doesn’t manage to increase your farm capacity enough so that the difference between the population number and the farm capacity could get below 10 000 and consequently the losses – below 10 per hour.


Union between two alliances. Alliances which have signed Peace Treaty form a federation.


Entertainment for the population so provinces could maintain higher levels of Happiness. Festivals, big and small, can be organized once every 24 hours.

Festivals with gradual effect  

Activating a festival, either big or small, with gradual effect implies that festival´s effect on the Happiness value is distributed evenly during a 24-hour period.

Field army  

Troops deployed on the field in front of the Fortress.

Field battle  

This attack sends the troops to fight only with the opponent's field army, without sieging the Fortress or pillaging the civil population. Field battle army neither loots resources nor kills villagers. The only profit for the attacker are military points for slashing enemy units and honor points in case he loses at least 10% of his own troops.

For more information about Field battle click here and here.

Field Fortifications  

A building in the Alliance castle. Each level grants +5% to the field army's hit points.

Field Healer  

One of the skills available to Generals upon leveling up. Increases the Recovery of units after battle. Level 1: +2%; Level 2: +4%; Level 3: +6%; Level 4: +8%; Level 5: +12%

Field Tactician  

One of the skills available to Generals upon leveling up. Increases the Hit Points of the Field Army. Level 1: +1% Hit Points; Level 2: +2% Hit Points; Level 3: +4% Hit Points; Level 4: +6% Hit Points; Level 5: +10% Hit Points

Finance Officer  

The alliance position taking care of alliance funds and investments. Special bonus – 50% lower fixed commission but the actual extent depends on the loyalty status.

For more information about finance officer’s rights and benefits click here.

First Officer  

Deputy leader with all the rights and bonuses the leader has except being able to expel him.

For more information about first officer’s rights and benefits click here.

Fixed commission  

Commission for publishing of the offer which is deducted at the time you post it. Base fixed commission – 10%. It can be decreased if the player is Finance Officer and by conquering special resource terrain Spices.


The lateral zone of the 1st and 3rd Field battle lines. A line divided into zones has two flanks – left and right.

Flanking Attack  

Bonus, which can be obtained during a field battle. Destroying an enemy's Archery Line Division with Melee troops, grants the opportunity for a Flanking Attack against his remaining Frontline Divisions. If the army from one of the zones/divisions of the frontline destroys the army in the opposing division of the enemy, after destroying the army in the opposing division in the Archery Line, the army from that division begins to attack the nearest enemy division to them and receives a 20% bonus to their attack strength in the next rounds.


Escape from the battle field due to low Morale value. The chance for fleeing increases progressively by 2% with every Morale point below 50. Garrison cannot flee because it doesn’t have Morale. Fleeing implies imminently losing the battle and causes military unit losses – additional 20% of the remaining troops. The rest of the army returns to the province they were sent to mission from.


Shows the way army is deployed on the battle field, i.e. military units’ distribution percentage through the battle zones: Center, left Flank, right Flank and Reserve.

Since the formation controls the distribution of the units through the battle zones and each unit’s attack strength and hit points are modified by the battle zone, the right choice of formation is determined by both your army composition and your opponent’s army composition and formation. Basically, the most efficient formation would be the one that deploys most of your units in the battle zones that boost their attack and hit points (or at least don’t give any penalties), and/or the one that deploys most of your units in the battle zones that will allow them to oppose directly the enemy units they have bonuses against (or at least no penalties).

In order to determine the best formation for a particular battle you should always simulate your battle in advance with various formations and choose the one that makes you simultaneously win at morale above 50, lose less and inflict larger damages to the adversary. Keep in mind that the result of the battle may not correspond exactly to the result of the simulation because you never know opponent’s technologies and formation and whether he is premium or not.

For more information about formations click here.


A research which affects Fortresses. It makes Fortress walls more resilient to enemy siege raids. Each level increases the Fortress hit points by 10%.


The main defense facility of the holding.
- The Fortress determines the province maximum capacity of resources which can be stashed there.
- Every level increases the resource production.
- If destroyed, it can be repaired for the price of its previous level, i.e. 25% of the current level's price. While destroyed you can still order Buildings and Technologies but the production bonus and hit points bonus is lower - they correspond to those of the previous level.
- Its hit points are increased by Fortification levels.

Fortress defensive facilities  

Special Fortress buildings which enhance the defense and help players under attack save part of the available resources and population. Towers, Moat and Curtain Wall can be build and the fortress automatically preserves resources and population according to its level.

For more information about the Fortress defensive facilities click here.

Fortress Guardian  

One of the skills available to Generals upon leveling up. Increases the Hit Points of the Fortress. Level 1: +4% Hit Points; Level 2: +6% Hit Points; Level 3: +10% Hit Points; Level 4: +14% Hit Points; Level 5: +20% Hit Points

Fortress siege  

It is conducted after a successful Field battle for the attacker. If there isn’t any defense field army deployed in front of the Fortress walls, the Fortress siege battle begins straight away - the attacking soldiers aim to smash enemy’s Fortress walls and proceed to the battle with the garrison (if there are any garrisoned units). A successful Fortress siege loots the exact amount of resources the carrying capacity of the sent military units and supply wagons allows.

For more information about Fortress siege battle click here and here.


The official online discussion platform of Imperia Online where players can have conversations by posting messages on different topics. They can share strategies, clear doubts out, report bugs etc. For the bigger language communities Imperia Online offers separate forums, managed independently by one Community manager and several Global moderators. For the smaller ones there are sub-sections in the international forum.


Obtaining full control, with all rights implied, over a certain spot on the Global map and establishing on it an administrative unit or a military facility, ready to be exploited for different purposes. In Imperia Online realms the following objects can be established: colonies, trading posts, military posts and rally points.

Fragments of Greatness  

Fragments of Greatness can be collected by participating in Global Events. They can be donated to the Alliance to be launched an exclusive Alliance event.
Fragments of Greatness can also be collected by participating in alliance wars. The winner of the war receives the number of Fragments necessary to start one Alliance event if the alliance has earned military points during the war. The alliance that loses the war receives 25% of the number of Fragments needed to start one Alliance event if the alliance has earned military points equal to at least 10% of the military points earned by the winning alliance.


Battle Line.
Both attacking and defending Melee troops form Frontlines in all types of battle. This Line is the first to clash with enemy Frontline in Melee battle.

During Field Battle, the Frontline is the forwardmost Line. It is divided into three Divisions: Center and two Flanks. All Cavalry and Melee Infantry are deployed on the Frontline, and they will ideally occupy a Division corresponding to their Priority Deployment.

During Fortress Assault, all Melee Infantry, Cavalry and Battering Rams of the attacker are compounded into a Frontline without Divisions. Troops in this Line, however, cannot directly attack the enemy Fortress. Instead, the Assault Line is formed, from amongst the Melee Infantry and the Battering Rams in the Frontline. Melee Infantry and the Battering Rams that exceed the Assault Line capacity remain in the Frontline and stand by, ready to replace any Assault Line casualties in the following round of battle.

During Fortress Assault, all the Garrisoned Infantry and Cavalry of the defender are compounded into a Frontline without Divisions. Only the defending Archers can attack the enemy, and only the attacking Archers can shoot at the defending Frontline, with 20% of their Attack.

During Battle with garrison, the two Frontlines have no Divisions. For the attacker, the Frontline is composed of all of his Melee Infantry and Cavalry; for the defender, it's composed of all of his Infantry and Cavalry troops.


One of the skills available to Generals upon leveling up. Decreases the chance for the General to be slain if you lose the battle. Level 1: -5% chance; Level 2: -10% chance; Level 3: -20% chance; Level 4: -30% chance; Level 5: -50% chance