The first and main province a player owns. Capital has bonus farms, so it is much easier to maintain a positive Population growth there. It also benefits from 10% bonus production to all resources, 20 bonus point to the happiness limit, daily bonus of 20 happiness points, 20% hit points in defense to all military units, 30% bonus to the hit points of the fortress and +10 morale points in defense. It is the place where gold is stashed and where Technologies are researched exclusively.


Allows a certain Empire to defend itself from the attacks of another one for a 42 hour period. During this period, neither the capitulated Empire nor the attacking one can send attacks to each other. Capitulation is possible only if you haven't attacked the player you intend to capitulate to in the passed 12 hours and if the player you intend to capitulate to has attacked you in the passed 12 hours. All players you can currently capitulate to are listed in Others tab of the Command center in the fortress.

For more information about capitulation click here.


Military rank conferred to players with 35 000-49 999 military points.

Caravan Station  

A building which conducts the Imperial transport. Each level increases the amount of resources that can be transported at once. When maximum level is reached, you can transport all available resources at once. In case a locking attack is coming, a limit for transportation applies. Caravan Station is also the place where gold, transferred by an ally, is unloaded and where you execute gold transfer to an ally. Caravan Station's capacity is doubled by activating Premium.

Carrying capacity  

Unit's parameter which determines the resource amount one unit, soldier or supply wagon, can loot from an enemy province/colony or independent city.


A research which affects army speed. Decreases army traveling time, but even with the highest level,mission time cannot be less than 2.5 minutes.


Army Unit.
Trained in: Siege Workshop
Prerequisites: Army Drills 8, Siege upgrades 10, Centralization 6

• Type: Ranged, Siege Engine, Artillery
• Priority Deployment: Artillery Line

+ Long Range: This unit has 2 extra Attacks in Field Battle or Fortress Assault, before melee begins
+ Inaccurate: Attack x 0.3 vs. Infantry, Cavalry, and Siege Engines
+ Scattershot: In Field Battle and Fortress Sacking this unit's Attack is proportionally distributed between all enemy lines, Flanks and Centers (Reserve is immune)
+ Operating Crew: Requires 50 Idle Population to train; occupies 50 vacancies in Garrison.

For detailed unit stats, click here.

Cavalry (Army Unit Type)  

Mounted units, that are extremely efficient in Field Battle, but of limited use in Fortress Siege. All Cavalry units are strong against Swordsmen and Archers, but they cannot attack Fortresses during Fortress Assault, and they fight with penalties during Fortress Sacking.

Cavalry units are best countered by Spearmen.

All Cavalry units are Melee units.
All Cavalry units have their Priority Deployment on the Frontline Flanks.
All Cavalry units are trained at the Cavalry Barracks.

Common Unit Abilities:

+ Charge
+ Close Combat
+ Equestrian Combat
+ Maneuverable

- Vulnerable to Spearmen
- Short Reach
- Rider
- Close Quarters Disadvantage

List of Cavalry units:

- Light Cavalry
- Heavy Cavalry
- Paladin
- Heroic Cavalry

For details on Cavalry unit stats, click here.

Cavalry Barracks  

Military Building.
Type: Local, Training
Prerequisite Technologies: Military Doctrine 1, Melee Attack 1, Ranged Attack 1, Armor 1, Army Drills 1, War Horses 1
Maximum Level: 20

Allows the training and upgrade of Cavalry. Each level increases the Training Capacity of the building.

Units that can be trained include:
- Light Cavalry
- Heavy Cavalry
- Paladin
- Heroic cavalry

Cavalry Commander  

One of the skills available to Generals upon leveling up. Increases the Attack of all Cavalry units. Level 1: +2% Attack; Level 2: +4% Attack; Level 3: +6% Attack; Level 4: +10% Attack; Level 5: +15% Attack

Cavalry Instructor  

One of the skills available to Governors upon leveling up. Decreases the Training time for all Cavalry units. Level 1: -5% Training time; Level 2: -10% Training time; Level 3: -15% Training time; Level 4: -20% Training time; Level 5: -30% Training time

Caves of Conquest  

Caves of Conquest can be found below the barracks in the village. In the Caves of Conquest you will face endless levels of Barbarian Armies and win prizes, depending on what level you have reached. You will not lose armies after battles in the Caves. The generals will not gain experience after battles in the Caves. All players have 5 Free Attacks per day and 5 Paid Attacks per day. Premium users with level 2 and above receive 2 additional free Attacks (7 unused attacks in total). Speleology can increase the maximum number of free attacks up to 5 more, which means you can have maximum 12 unused attacks in total. In case you use a free attack, new free attack will be generated after a certain period. (3 hours in realms x4, 1:30 hours in realms x4 with a researched level of Speleology, 1:10 hours in realms x10). Travel time is the same for all levels and is not affected by Technologies. Weather have no effect on battles.
Each victorious battle grants resources. Special rewards that may include Diamonds, Mystic Boxes, and Resources, are awarded as Daily rewards to the top 20 players and as Weekly rewards to the top 100 players who have reached the highest level in the Caves of Conquest.
Players who reach the highest level in the Caves of Conquest for a specific season receive special Medals.


The middle zone of the 1st and 3rd Field battle lines.


A research which gives the sovereign the know-how of expanding the Empire with annexation of new territories. Each level opens access to 1 annexed province and 1 vassal.


Unit Ability.
The Charge ability boosts the unit's Attack in the first round of Melee combat.

All Cavalry units have their Charge boosted by the War Horses Technology.

The currently existing units with the Charge ability are:
- Phalanx
- Heroic spearman
- Light Cavalry
- Heavy Cavalry
- Paladin
- Heroic cavalry

Civil Population  

Workers and idle population. The whole population except the military units.

Civilian builder  

One of the skills available to the Emperors upon gaining a Governor level. Decreases the Construction time of Economic Buildings. Level 1: -1% Construction time; Level 2: -2% Construction time; Level 3: -4% Construction time; Level 4: -6% Construction time; Level 5: -10% Construction time

Civilian scientist  

One of the skills available to the Emperors upon gaining a Governor level. Decreases Research Times at the University. Level 1: -1% Research Times; Level 2: -2% Research Times; Level 3: -4% Research Times; Level 4: -6% Research Times; Level 5: -10% Research Times

Coefficient difference  

Every decimal point over the allowed range x2.

Example: If the attacker has 250 000 points and the defender 96 000, the net worth points range is x2,6 (250 000 / 96 000), and the coefficient difference – 0,6 (2,6 – 2).


Military rank conferred to players with 100 000-149 999 military points.

Colonial Bureaucracy  

A technology that increases the efficiency of colonies. Each level increases the efficiency of all colonies with 5% and that percentage cannot exceed 100%.

For more information about Colonial bureaucracy, click here.

Colonial Logistics  

А Technology that increases the distance from the Empire at which a colony can be established. 1st level grants distance of 20 Imperial miles from the Capital. Each subsequent level grants an 8% increase over the previous level and additional 5 Miles to the radius.

Colonial Office  

A building exclusive for colonies. Each level decreases with 4 points the loss of happiness due to colony's distance from the Empire.


A research which gives the sovereign the know-how of expanding the Empire by colonizing new territories. Each level opens access to the establishment of one colony.


Foundation of a colony on the Global map.

For more information about colonization process click here.


One of the skills available to Governors upon leveling up. Decreases the Conversion time for a Colony to become Indestructible. Level 1: -4% Conversion time; Level 2: -6% Conversion time; Level 3: -10% Conversion time; Level 4: -14% Conversion time; Level 5: -20% Conversion time


The villagers sent from an annexed province or another colony to a chosen spot on the Global map who carry the necessary resources for the foundation. They construct the first buildings there and form its initial population.


One of the ways to expand your Empire's territory on the Global map.
In "The Great People" colonies act just like annexed provinces. They have population which grows. Most of the economic and military buildings, fortress and defense facilities are present. You can recruit and deploy army, produce and transport resources. Colonies also have the factor of happiness.

- The biggest modifier with negative effect on the happiness of the colony is its remoteness from the Empire – the further it is located, the greater the daily happiness losses will be.
- The main colony advantage is special resource terrains which grant different extra bonuses to the whole Empire.

For more information about colonies click here.

Colony terrain  

The nature of a certain spot on the Global map where a colony is established. Colony terrains can be free spots on the map with modifiers depending on the type of terrain or special resource terrains granting global bonus.

Commanding Officer  

The alliance position taking care of ordinary members’ military development by helping them in the army recruitment and battle conduction with competent advice. They are also in charge of all alliance troops' movement. Special bonus – 10 Morale but the actual extent depends on the loyalty status.

For more information about commanding officer’s rights and benefits click here.


Short message posted on a player’s profile. Abusive comments can be reported and their author silenced.

Common average happiness  

The average Happiness of one migration group, calculated by adding the individual average Happiness values all together and dividing the resulted sum to the number of Еmpires part of the group.

Common terrain  

Non-bonus colony terrain. It doesn’t grant any special privileges for its founder but, due to the fact that the attacks out of the allowed range x5 are not possible, and those out of range x2 cause morale, honor and attack losses to the aggressor (the same rules of any normal attack apply), it may grant less attacks to its sovereign.


A Barbarian Tribe.
The Conquerors are nomad people that invade foreign territories, subjugate or kill its population, and use the remnants of the conquered kingdom to establish their own settlements.
The Conquerors have an army composition geared towards seizing enemy forts and cities, with little Cavalry and abundance of Infantry.
The reward for defeating a Conquerors Camp is resources.


Obtaining full control, with all rights implied, over a certain territory upon conducting a victorious offensive Fortress siege battle. In Imperia Online realms you can conquer: independent cities, empty terrains from your exclusive zone or near it, and alliance castles.

Construction Officer  

The alliance position taking care of alliance building constructions in the castles. Special bonus – 20% faster construction but the actual extent depends on the loyalty status.

For more information about construction officer’s rights and benefits click here.


Military rank conferred to player with 250-499 military points.

Council of Principals  

Every day at a certain time a Council of Principals takes place in your Empire in order to discuss whether the population is happy with your government and to decide whether a riots or a rebellions will start or stop.


1. Interception of enemy spies trying to infiltrate in your Empire or chasing already infiltrated enemy spies away. The more spies you have and the higher Counter-espionage level you've researched, the bigger the chance of not letting your adversaries get nosy about your Empire and of knowing sooner attacker's army composition.

The espionage works with a formula which gives equal chances for success when the technologies' levels and number of spies are equal.

For more information about how does counter-espionage work click here.

2. A technology which develops sovereign's intelligence abilities in defense. Increases the chance for catching enemy spies, as well as, for finding out sooner the attacking enemy troops' composition. A player receives single time +3 artificial Counter-espionage levels when being spied.

Court Candidate  

A Noble not yet accepted into the Imperial Court of the Palace.

Curtain Wall  

Military Building.
Type: Local, Add-on, Defensive Structure
Prerequisites: Fortification 1, Military Architecture 3, Fortress 4
Maximum Level: 10

A Fortress add-on that grants a 5% bonus to Fortress Hit Points.

When the Fortress is upgraded, the Curtain Wall is lost. 50% of the resources spent on the Curtain Wall are subtracted from the cost of the next Fortress level.

For more information about the Curtain Wall, click here.