• Workforce for wood, iron and stone production.
  • The population pays taxes determined personally by the player.
  • Rookies, needed for army recruitment.

Population growth

  • Basic population growth is calculated with the following formula: 1 x current population /1000+50 (1 x means multiplied by the speed of the world). Researching Medicine increases growth by 5% per level. Farm construction decreases the population losses due to shortage of food.
  • Homeless population appears when there is not enough housing. The growing rate of the homeless citizens is calculated as follows:((population growth + current population) - population limit)/2 and then multiplied by the speed of the realm. It can be recruited for army, but cannot be hired and, thus, doesn’t produce resources.

    Activating Premium increases population growth up to 20%.


  • Required by all Buildings and some Technologies.
  • Needed for the training of military units.
  • Produced by hired population in the lumber mills.


  • Required for some of the Buildings, Technologies and all military units.
  • Produced by population hired in the iron mines.


  • Main resource for building Fortresses.
  • Needed for some other Buildings and Technologies.
  • Produced by population hired in stone quarry.


  • Basic production for 100 civilians: 100 wood / 100 iron / 100 stone.
  • Empire’s capital has a fixed 10% bonus production for all resources
  • Production can be enhanced by:
    • Activating Premium increases it up to 20%.
    • Raising Fortress levels – each Fortress level increases production by a certain %. This % can’t be higher than 60%.
    • Raising Alliance Research Production level (if the player is in an Alliance) – each level grants 2% production bonus for all members.


  • The currency of the game. It is generated as a tax, exacted from the working population at player’s own discretion. There are 6 different tax rates. Gold is generated from trade and deposits in the bank as well.
  • Idle Population doesn’t pay taxes. Gold is generated and used in a centralized way, from the treasury, located exclusively in the Empire’s capital, i.e. exacted taxes go directly to the treasury, the same as the required gold for constructions, research or army upkeep is extracted automatically from there without any need for transportation. Gold is also acquired with the construction of imperial routes and trade routes which connect different types of holdings. Income from trade is directly stashed in capital’s treasury. If the treasury has negative gold balance (due to paid army upkeep for example), the player cannot build, research or recruit army until the negative balance is cleared.


They serve for:

  • Premium Plan purchase – it provides many bonuses which aren’t available for non-premium players, namely:
    • 10% production bonus
    • 10% population growth bonus
    • 10% army attack bonus
    • Grants 10% bonus to the defense of the army
    • 10 daily Happiness bonus points in all provinces.
    • Doubles Caravan Stations capacity
    • 20% army training time bonus and 20% barrack capacities bonus
  • Purchase of extras available every day:
    • Instant construction - starting the exploitation of a building earlier. The option is valid just for buildings with less than 06 construction hours left. One construction hour requires 170 diamonds.
    • Instant research: completes the research of a Technology in progress, at the cost of Diamonds. This option is only available for Technologies with less than 01 hours* research time left. One research hour requires 510 diamonds.

      This is a basic limit. The higher the development, the net worth points and the number of diamonds spent for instant research, the higher the limit gets.

    • Instant training - completing the training of the units earlier. The option is not available while the Empire is under enemy attack. Only the first training group of the queue in one province and one barrack can be instantly trained. Every group below 6 remaining hours requires 170 diamonds.
    • Instantly training one group implies recalculation of the other queued groups’ remaining times.

      Example: You recruit one group of swordsmen for 6 hours and then another group for 6 hours. Second group’s queued training time becomes 12 hours, but if you instantly train the first group, second group’s time drops by 6 hours.

    • Instant army travel
    • Instant foundation of a remote holding
    • Imperial Merchant - a market feature that allows you to sell wood, iron and stone for gold instantly for a 850 diamond commission. The option is not available while the Empire is under enemy attack.
    • Opening more than one gift for the day in the Temple. A second gift for 680 diamonds, if you have already taken a free gift at least 3 times. A third gift for 2550 diamonds, if you have already taken a gift for 680 diamonds at least 3 times. A fourth gift for 4250 diamonds, if you have already taken a gift for 2550 diamonds at least 3 times. A fifth gift for 8330 diamonds, if you have already taken a gift for 4250 diamonds at least 3 times. A sixth gift for 16830 diamonds, if you have already taken a gift for 8330 diamonds at least 3 times.
    • 10-hour production – a single time reception, every 12 hours, of a resource amount, equal to 10 times your hourly production.
    • Activation of Vacation Mod
    • Organization of mass big Festivals at the Town Square with influence on provinces Happiness value. Big festivals are limited to 1 per day. Their effect is enhanced by the Town Square levels - each level raises it by +2 Happiness points.
    • Capitulation - it grants you the opportunity to defend your Empire for certain period of time from certain enemy raids. You can capitulate up to 10 times in a 16.8 hour period. The first is free, but every following capitulation costs 1700 diamonds more than the previous one.
    • Diamond donations - an alliance feature that allows allies to help the alliance with diamonds. Donations are made in the alliance treasury. Purchased and expiring diamonds can be donated. Еach member of the Alliance can donate up to 340000 diamonds per day.
    • Expiring diamonds - the diamonds you have received in some way other than purchasing them, for example the diamonds earned from the Tutorial, Quests, Tournaments, Wheel of fortune. Expiring diamonds can also be purchased during special promotions.

Diamonds transfer - transferring purchased diamonds from one realm to another, part of your global account, where you log into with the same username and password. Earned and expiring diamonds cannot be transferred within your global account.


Shows how happy with the sovereign’s government the population is. The initial happiness and limit of each province is 100, only the capital’s initial happiness is 100 and its limit is 120. Happiness is calculated and updated in real time. Its daily modifiers, bonuses and deductions from taxes are estimated each minute and take effect immediately.

The main effect of Happiness is emigration. If your points are below 100, you will always run in population losses, if points are above 100, population will not immigrate to your empire. You will find information about losses of population in Farms.

The main negative effect of low Happiness is the rise of riots, rebellions and emigration. The bigger the amount of Happiness is in one province, the happier the population becomes and the likelihood of riots, rebellions and emigration to appear gets lower.
- Happiness below 50 - there is a chance, increasing progressively by 2% with every Happiness point (e.g. at 49 points with 2%, at 48 point with 4% and so on), for a riot, leading to tax exacting block until happiness is increased again.
- Happiness below 20 - there is a chance, increasing progressively by 2% with every
Happiness point (e.g. at 19 points with 2%, at 18 point with 4% and so on), for a rebellion, which could lead to a production suspension, no recruitment and no constructions until happiness is increased again.

Daily Happiness modifiers

  • Positive:
    • Low tax rates
    • Inborn talent Emperor (always capital’s governor) and inborn talent Successor (when the heir/ess is appointed governor in a province)
    • Gubernatorial skills (Logistician, Social worker, Spiritual leader)
    • Modifiers from positive terrain bonuses
    • Army presence in the province
    • Fortress level in the province
    • Monuments
    • University levels (3 levels give 1 point Happiness; the limit is 10 points Happiness)
    • Bonus from wonder
    • Ownership of a special resource terrain - establishment of province, colony or trading post.
    • Activating premium - gives + 10 happiness points
    • High levels of Sovereign’s Honor – every 100 Honor give 1 Happiness. Limit – 5.
    • Under the influence of one of your own Alliance’s Castles – +5 Happiness every day.
    • Organization of Big Festivals at the Town Square: +3 Happiness
    • Dynastic Marriage: +5 Happiness
    • Colony turning Indestructible: +10 Happiness
    • Paid ransom for captured Great Person: +10 Happiness
  • Negative:
    • High tax rates
    • Negative Honor of the player – minus 5 Happiness in case of 100 or more negative honor points.
    • Locked province - minus 5 Happiness with effect on all Empire’s territories.
    • Under enemy Alliance Castle influence (while in war) – minus 5 Happiness with effect on all Empire’s territories.
    • Death of an Emperor/Empress: -10 Happiness
    • Death of a Governor/Warden: - 5 Happiness

Single time Happiness modifiers:

  • Positive
    • Construction of Fortress
    • Construction of Farms – each new farm grants 1 Happiness
    • Organization of single time festivals at the Town Square
    • Stopping pillages with victorious battle in defense - +10 Happiness points but only for the first Pillage during 24h period.
    • Disbanded army
    • Victorious War – +10 Happiness points for each member.
    • Fortress repair (only when repaired for the first time during a 24h period) - +5 Happiness.
    • New annexed province or colony (influencing the whole Empire) - +20.
    • +5 Happiness for each captured enemy General in all holdings;
  • Negative
    • Army recruitment
    • Pillaged province – the percent pillaged population is equal to the Happiness points taken away. The maximum Happiness loss is 30.
    • Lost battle – global -5 Happiness but just for the first lost battle for a 24 hour period.
    • Lost War – minus 10 Happiness with influence on the whole empire.
    • War declaration – minus 10 Happiness for all members
    • Lost Fortress siege (the first one lost during a 24 hour period) – minus 5 Happiness.
    • Lost colony – minus 10 Happiness
    • Lost Trading post - minus 5 Happiness
    • -5 Happiness for each General, captured by the enemy in all holdings;


Only the working population pays taxes. Tax income is recalculated each time the tax rated is changed, so gold income and effect (positive or negative) on Happiness are accounted immediately. This means that if you had low tax rate at 2 o`clock and changed it to high at 3 o`clock, between 2 and 3 o`clock your gold income and Happiness loses will respond to the low tax rate, after 3 o`clock they will respond to the high tax rate. Gold income and Happiness loses are estimated every minute. Equal parts of gold are given according to the current number of working population, not the number at the moment of setting the tax rate, so population growth as well as killed population in case of an enemy pillage are taken into account. Gold accumulates in the capital’s treasury and it is taken automatically from there for the development of Buildings and Technologies, and for army Upkeep, no matter where you are in the empire.

Тhe player can change tax rate at any time and each change is immediately accounted. There are 6 tax rates, each with a different effect on the Happiness, as it follows

  • First rate (tax free) – gives bonus Happiness +5
  • Second rate (very low – 1 for 100 workers per hour for annexed provinces) – takes 10 Happiness away.
  • Third rate (low – 2 for 100 workers per hour in the annexed provinces) – takes 20 Happiness away.
  • Fourth rate (medium – 3 for 100 workers per hour in the annexed provinces) – takes 30 Happiness away.
  • Fifth rate (high – 4 for 100 workers per hour in the annexed provinces) – takes 50 Happiness away.
  • Sixth rate (very high – 5 for 100 workers per hour in the annexed provinces) – takes 75 Happiness away.


The peaceful way

  • Resource Production
  • Exacting tax from the holdings
  • Deposit of gold
  • Trade
  • Income from tribute coming from vassals of the empire. It is not accumulated automatically in the capital’s treasury. The user must collect it by himself.


  • Looting resources from a Barbarian Camp.
  • Looting independent city
  • Looting of other users’ empires, conduct Fortress Siege battle.
  • Pillaging enemies’ Empires.


  • Ordering Buildings and Technologies
  • Army recruitment
  • Army upkeep
  • Destroyed Fortress repair.
  • Founding a colony
  • Planning Festivals
  • Paying off credits and bank interest.


A building the player get loans from or deposit gold in. The bank can be built after researching Loaning level 1 and Depositing level 1.

• 30 upgradаble levels;
• Each level increases the maximum amount of loans that can be taken by 2,5%, starting at 20% at level 1. It also increases the maximum amount of gold that can be deposited.

The maximum amount of gold that can be loaned depends on the level of the Bank and the empire’s current gold income. At Bank level 1 can be taken a loan equal to not more than 20% of the gold income for the selected period of time. Each level Bank increases that percent. The repayment occurs over the same period of time that has been selected. Repayment periods between 12 and 96 hours can be chosen. Only one loan can be taken at a time. The interest rate on loans can be decreased by researching higher levels of the technology Loaning.

Every user has the option for depositing his gold in the bank in order to earn interest on this gold after a certain period of time. Each level of the building Bank allows to deposit more gold, up to a limit of 100 000 000 at level 30. Gold can be deposited for 4 or 12 hours for realms with speed x4 and 2 or 5 hours for realms with speed x10. Up to 10 separate deposits are allowed. The interest that is gained can be increased by researching higher levels of the technology Depositing. The same technology also protects some of the deposited gold in case of attack. The interest amount of the deposit is received after the expiration of the deposit term. In case the user withdraws the deposited gold earlier, the interest will be lost.
During vacation mode, the period of the deposit is frozen and continues after turning the vacation mode off. The users may acquire bonus to the interest from the emperor skill ’Banker’. The amount of this bonus depends on the grade of the skill.*

NB! The deposited gold is subject to looting by enemy attacks.

The bonus only affects the amount of the interest and not the whole amount of the deposit (deposited sum + interest).

Protection modes

Beginner’s protection

An option that can be activated from one task in the Tutorial and is also available for all players under 1000 points from the battle reports. The option expires automatically when the account reaches 1000 net worth points or when 168 hours from the activation have passed. Accounts under beginner protection cannot be attacked. If you send an attack, your Beginner protection will be terminated. This means that other players will be able to attack you. Players in beginner protection appear with baby carriage icon in ranking.

Holiday protection

An option that can be activated by every player but only during holidays previously announced by Imperia Online team and for limited periods determined by Imperia Online. While activated, the account cannot be attacked neither can send attacks. Meanwhile, the account can be accessed, buildings can be constructed, researches can be ordered, army can be recruited etc. All attacks sent to the respective Empire before the activation will still be performed.

Vacation mode

Forbids all attacks towards your empire. If there is an attack that is already sent to your empire, even if you activate the Vacation mode, the attack will be completed. The Vacation mode STOPS all resource production, army upkeep and population growth, and the 168 hour period, as well as the deposit period of loan payment is intermitted until the mode’s deactivation. All constructions and research will continue building. The Vacation mode must be active for at least 24/48 hours (depending on the speed of the realm). To use this service 1700 diamonds are required.

Both, Vacation mode and Holidays protection, can be activated solely if you currently don’t have troops on a mission, except evasion and movement between holdings. Please, note that army upkeep will be taken on evasion and movement mission during a vacation mode.

Welcome back protection

The protection which every Emperor, who has got back to his Empire from an absence of at least 2 weeks, receives automatically upon logging into his account. Forbids all attacks to and from the Empire. Strict duration - 48 hours. Totally free.


Legal help from a friend with your economic development. You can babysit four different accounts and have 4 players (by your own choice) babysit your account. The babysitters log into your account with their user name and their password, so there is no need for you to give your password to anybody any time.

Babysitter’s rights and limitations:

  • The babysitter with full rights can do everything the owner does, except for:
    - changing account settings;
    - registering a new account in another realm;
    - leaving the alliance the owner belongs to;
    - if the babysat account is that of a leader, the babysitter won’t be able to kick out members;
    - options for donation of diamonds and resource to the treasury are accessible for the babysitter but not the anonymous donation option;
    - releasing a vassal.
  • Babysitter with limited rights:
    - can read the news but cannot mark them read;
    - can open the polls but cannot vote;
    - cannot report other users’avatars, comments or write on other users’ profiles from the babysitted account;
    - cannot recall an army sent to a mission;
    - cannot use the paid option for instant arrival of a mission meant to establish a holding;
    - cannot use the option for instant transport of resources;
    - cannot recall army sent on an alliance mission;
    - cannot enter the menu for all buildings under construction;
    - cannot use the instant training option;
    - cannot change the account settings;
    - cannot register an account from a pop-up invitation;
    - cannot delete bookmarks, change them or share them;
    - cannot use the paid extras from premium menu;
    - cannot read or write messages in the Tribune, Private, Notes or Announcements sections of the Messages menu;
    - cannot end building or researches with diamonds;
    - cannot disband units;
    - cannot enter in the temple;
    - can take only a small loan but cannot use the pay off option;
    - cannot use the options in the alliance menu.

Legal babysitters’ individual rights can be set in General settings menu >> Personal settings >> Babysitting tab. The babysitting settings can be changed at any time, at your own discretion.

Net Worth Points

Represent the current strength of a player.

They are earned by constructing buildings, researching and recruiting soldiers.

They are calculated as follows:

  • 1 net worth point =1000 gold / 1000 wood / 1000 iron / 1000 stone spent on buildings or research

    * The net worth points earned for buildings and technologies depend on their base price, without taking into account the levels of Architecture and University.
  • 1 net worth point =500 gold / 500 wood / 500 iron / 500 stone spent on army recruitment.

The 18 wonders of the realm

Eighteen special buildings which can be built by all players who have already reached 25th level of Architecture.

Only the highest levels of these buildings in the whole realm are considered wonders and appear on the Global map near their owners‘ Empires.

Each wonder grants a special bonus for the owner and all his allies, as follows:

  • The Mystical Obelisk: 5 daily Happiness bonus
  • The Fire Summit: 5 points to Happiness limit
  • The Heavens Tower: -10% Research Times
  • The Sun Pyramids: –10% construction time
  • The Palace of Dawn: 10% bonus to Farm effect
  • The General: –10% to army training time
  • The Great Horseman – 10% bonus to army traveling time
  • The Golden Watchtower: 100% efficiency bonus to all spies
  • The Mystic Grounds: 10% higher rewards from temple
  • The Dragon’s Blockade: 10 points morale drop for all attackers
  • The Forbidden Palace: 50% bonus to trade and vassal gold income
  • The Gate of Victory: 5 points morale bonus
  • The Gardens of Life: 10% population growth bonus
  • The Temple of Doom: 10% bonus attack in the first round
  • The Tomb of War: 5% less army upkeep
  • The Ancient Observatory: 10% range bonus to all logistics
  • The Aqueduct*: 50% bonus to Trade and Vassal income, 10% bonus to Farm Effect, 10% bonus to Population Growth;
  • The Warmaster’s Altar*: -10% Army Travelling Time, 5% less Army Upkeep, 10% Attack Bonus in Round 1 of the battle.

  • * Bonuses of these 2 Wonders will stack with bonuses from other existing wonders. For example if you own both The Aqueduct and The Palace of Dawn you will get a total of 20% bonus to Farm effect.

A player can build levels of more than one special building but he can own only one wonder, meaning that if he reaches the highest level in the realm of more than one special building, he must choose which one of them to be a wonder and to grant him and his allies a bonus.

The wonders are not destructible. You lose a wonder* and its bonus when another player builds a higher level than yours.*

Losing a wonder doesn’t mean you lose the already built levels, it just means you stop being the owner of the wonder and, thus, you and your allies lose the bonus by the time you manage build a level higher than the one of the current wonder in the realm.

If you own the highest levels of The Mystical Obelisk and The Fire Summit in the realm and The Mystical Obelisk is your active wonder, The Fire Summit becomes automatically your active wonder, when another player builds a higher level of The Mystical Obelisk than yours. If you own the highest levels of more than two special buildings in the realm and your active wonder is The Mystical Obelisk, the system randomly switches your active wonder to one of your rest special buildings with highest levels, when another player builds a higher level of The Mystical Obelisk than yours. Though, you can activate the wonder you wish to at any time.

When two or more players have equal levels of the same special building, the owner of the wonder is the player who was the first one to reach it.

Each player, ranked in Top 50 by Wonder level, gains a personal, decreased effect from the respective Wonder. The effect distribution is as follows:

- The player with the highest Wonder level receives 100% of the Wonder’s effect. All his allies will gain this effect as well;
- The player, which is ranked 2nd, will receive 100% of the Wonder’s effect, but only for his own account;
- Players, ranked from 3rd to 5th place, will receive 80% of the Wonder’s effect, but only for their own accounts;
- Players, ranked from 6th to 10th place, will receive 60% of the Wonder’s effect, but only for their own accounts;
- Players, ranked from 11th to 20th place, will receive 40% of the Wonder’s effect, but only for their own accounts;
- Players, ranked from 21st to 50th place, will receive 20% of the Wonder’s effect, but only for their own accounts;

If a player is already receiving an effect from an ally’s Wonder, he will not be able to receive an effect from the same Wonder.
A player can continue do possess only one Wonder with alliance effect, but he can receive personal effect by all other Wonders, as long as he is ranked in Top 50 and he doesn’t get alliance effect from them.

The basic price of each special building is 8 000 000 gold equivalent. Resource’s price type alternates with every following level, meaning that 1st level requires gold, 2nd level – wood, 3rd level – iron, 4th level – stone, 5th level – gold and so on.*

Note: The resources alternate one after another only for the same building respectively. For example, the user builds first level of The Sun Pyramids. The resource necessary for the first level of construction of The Palace of Dawn will be again gold and not wood. On the other hand, The Sun Pyramids’s second level will be constructed with wood.

Special buildings’ price is reduced by player’s Architecture.

Every following level’s gold equivalent is 10% higher, as the basic price is taken into account, not the price lowered by the Architecture.

Special buildings are constructed instantly and there is no limitation in levels.

Weather Forecast

Just like in modern life, the weather played a vital role in the Medieval life. It affected the food production, the living conditions and the military campaigns. Thus, the weather has an important role in the lives of all Rulers in Imperia Online, by applying different positive and negative bonuses upon all the Empires in all Realms on a daily basis. The Weather Forecast module shows what the weather conditions in the Realm will be in the next 5 days of the Era and what positive/negative bonuses upon the Economy and Military will be applied globally.

Weather Forecast Economy Military
  • 10% higher population growth
  • 10% higher farm capacity
  • 20% stronger archer attack
  • +10 morale in battle
  • Rainy
  • 10% higher wood production
  • -20 population happiness
  • Pillage strength is halved
  • Moat effect is doubled
  • Windy
  • 10% bigger house capacity
  • 20% smaller caravan station capacity
  • 20% lower archer attack
  • Pillage strength is doubled
  • Foggy
  • Players attacks are seen 30 minutes before hitting
  • +5 bonus levels of Espionage
  • Double Charge bonus
  • All ranged units have -2 range
  • Snowy
  • 50% slower army movement
  • 20% higher army upkeep on missions
  • No charge bonus
  • 20% weaker siege machine attack